He is best known for playing Kate Winslet's fiancé in Titanic, but Billy Zane is turning his back on acting for his latest project. Inspired to pick up a paint brush whilst on the set of Titanic, Zane discovered a passion for painting.

Seize the Day Bed, pre-show. Los Angeles, California.

This piece was created in a field atop Decker Canyon in Malibu, CA. I integrated the usual mixtures of recycled materials, like unused house paint and a fiberglass woven, welding splash blanket as the canvas. I also applied clay paint and dried long grass from the field.

Creating the centerpiece of my show Killing With Love in a driveway of a Los Angeles neighborhood off LA Brea Blvd. The name of the show references the description of a decisive and thoughtful cut with a Japanese shinai practice sword when playing Kendo. One must not insult ones opponent or one's self with a painful and mincing cut.

Painting on the Island of Paros using available resources. In this case I used boat paint and shelf liner.



Billy Zane's first artwork solo exhibition in London at Rook & Raven Gallery.



Billy Zane might be best known for his role in Twin Peaks, Titanic, The Phantom, and Back to the Future, but for many years now his true passion has been painting. His artwork was shown at Palazzo Litta in a group show by nine LA-based artists and designers.